Refueling pumps & filters

flexible open water tank for aircraft and helicopter

Musthane proposes heavy duty and high performance light weight mobile refueling pumps & filters for Aircrafts (jet fuel filtration JP 8, Jet A1), vehicles (diesel or gasoline pumping and filtration) boats or UAVs.

These refueling pumps & filters, generally designed with positive displacement pumps, are in service with many armies. Our refueling pumps and filters enable fast and safe fuelling of light planes, helicopters and vehicles.

They can be connected to our flexible tanks or any other means of fuel storage.

We offer a wide range of refueling pumps & filters :

Please contact our sales department for more information.


  • Dispensing flow rates : begins from 2 m3/h
  • Power supply : thermic or electric
  • Filtration : 0.5 µm or other on request
  • Water separation : 1 ppm or other on request (API/EI 1581, 1583 …)
  • Accessories and optional equipment: hoses, volume indicator, filter change indicator, 2 years maintenance kit, nozzles…