Muststore ® is the brand developed by Musthane®®, which includes Fuel bladder, flexible tank & fuel dispensing units (fuel transfer pumps, aircraft refueling equipment, etc.). They are particularly used for fuels, drinking water or waste water storage.

Flexible tanks are divided into different categories according to the desired objective:

• Ground storage
• Transport on a truck bed,
• Floating for hydrocarbon recovery at sea,
• Helicopter transportable (movable under sling under the helicopter),
• Air transportable (stowed in a plane),
• Embedded (integrated in the boat or rally car)
• Towable
• Gasometer
• Ballast (ballast pockets for static and dynamic testing)

The fuel transfer pumps are divided into :

– Refuelling trailer
– Mobile field station
– Containerized refueling station
– Fuel transfer pump unit with or without filtration system

Muststore ® offers you a fully integrated solution to meet your needs for the supply and storage of fuel, water… All these solutions take into account the requirements of mobility and operational agility. Design To Mobility®) is essential for efficiency in emergency situations. Each situation has an exceptional part (altitude, temperature, space requirements…) requiring adaptation and configuration of means that have been proven in other cases. Our Engineering Department has the experience and the ability to examine your specifications in order to provide the best tailor-made response (economic and technical).

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