Mustpress ® is the brand developed by Musthane® for inflatable jacks & toric seals made mainly of rubber.

These pneumatic air bag jacks perform functions in equipment or machines such as:

• guiding,
• pushing,
• pressing,
• sealing,
• centering,
• lifting,
• redirecting…

The inflatable air jacks:

• Are circular, toric, rectangular or other shapes.
• Measure from a few cm2 to several m2.
• Are superimposed to increase their travel.
• Inflate at pressures of a few grams or more than 100 bar.
Thanks all these possibilities , many industries used inflatable jack.
They offer particularly  appreciated advantages such as
• compactness,
• uniformly distributed force even on large surfaces (more than 10m2).

The inflatable jacks are custom made in order to meet your needs and constraints in terms of space, heat and speed.

Do not hesitate to consult our design office concerning a Mustpress ® requirement.

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