Mustmove ® is the brand developed by Musthane®, which includes equipment dedicated to the tactical mobility of Musthane® customers operating in the field of peacekeeping, humanitarian operations or industries.

They have resulted in several internationally patented pieces of equipment including :

• temporary roadway mats & access mats that allow all types of vehicles to drive on difficult terrain without the risk of getting stuck in mud.
• Helicopter mat & portable helicopter landing pad for your helicopters limiting brown out,
• Traction mats, roll-up for recovering vehicles from mud or sand whether light or heavy,
• aircraft recovery mat that allow to tow an aircraft off the runway.
• Beach access mats
• waterproof access mats for tents and campsites that ensure the well being of individuals and families.

These developments made by Musthane® have been dedicated to give easy access to professionals to intervene in hostile environments.

This brand is part of our global « Design to Mobility® » offer, in which our engineers design all the equipment with the constant aim of making it easy to deploy in outdoor theaters, while maintaining a robustness that can guarantee a longer lifespan.

Our engineering team designs and implements solutions dedicated to tactical mobility based on your specifications such as beach access mat deployment trucks, aerostats, do not hesitate to consult us…

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