Designing resilient structures is Musthane®’s core area of expertise. Our engineering department, in addition to its know-how in mechanical design, builds projects incorporating design based on composite and flexible materials.

This unique and highly-reputed know-how is recognised via an original and innovative approach created by Musthane: Design to Flexibility®.

This means that design is made with the permanent objective of incorporating flexible and resilient materials.

Design to Flexibility® is based on the use of rubber or plastic coated fabrics and technical textiles. Technical textiles are chosen from very high quality sources and with a very demanding technical specification which stems directly from the mechanical resistances required to match the customer requirements. The technical textiles are then coated with high quality polymers.

In some applications technical textiles are not used and the products are designed with the use of elastomer or plastomer films.

This approach, which lies at the heart of our engineering team’s expertise, is valued in many industries – nuclear power, defence, preservation of the environment.
Most of the critical steps in the manufcturing of the technical textile coated fabrics are under the controle of our Group.

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