Muststore® is the Musthane trademark that offers many fluid storage and supply options. Most often used solutions are those that concern water (drinking or waste water), effluents and fuels.

Muststore® will enable you to access a fully integrated solution that meets your supply and storage requirements. All these solutions take into account operating mobility and agility requirements (Design To Mobility®) critical to be efficient in emergency cases.

Each situation includes extraordinary aspects (altitude, temperature, space…) and requires an adaptation and configuration of means tested in other cases. Our Engineering department has the experience required and capacity to examine your specifications to provide the best – cost-effective and technically efficient – solution.

Used Solutions
Mustpress : Systems for inflatable seals Mustlift : solutions for hoisting heavy loads Mustbalance : Systems for compensate volume variations Muststop : systems for preserving the environment Muststore : Solutions for fluid storage and supply Mustshock : Systems for passive shock absorbers Mustmove : dedicated to tactical mobility equipment such as tents, tracks...